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WELCOME! Let's Party!

Anyone can play music or have a playlist playing; but it takes a professional DJ/MC to be able to keep your event going and your guests happy!

My Background:

  • Experienced Wedding DJ with tons of events and counting!

  • Performed at prestigious venues & informal settings all over.

  • Began radio career at 17 with Lite 98 & K-95 in Richmond, VA.

  • Featured on

The Importance of a Professional DJ:

  • Essential for maintaining party momentum beyond just playing music.

  • Manages event announcements and guest communication.

  • Skilled in microphone use and crowd engagement.

  • Selects music to match the crowd's mood.

  • Ensures punctuality, professional demeanor, and professional equipment.

  • Collaborates effectively with other vendors for a seamless event from start to finish.

Richmond Weddings

Mixing the Beats: Services

Offering a wide array of DJ services for weddings, school dances, corporate events, holiday parties, anniversaries, birthdays, sweet sixteens, mitzvahs, and more!

School Dances:
Epic, and memorable fun!

School Dance

Ever been to a school dance where the DJ played songs that sounded like your parents’ playlists? Not me! I understand you want the latest chart-topping hits and have ‘em!


A bit of formality, then one awesome party!


 My questionnaire will guide your vision and allow us to create the soundtrack to your special day. I am always ready to answer questions, address concerns, and offer proven planning advice.


Special Celebrations:
You shouldn’t just plug in your phone...

Special Events

Your milestone celebrations need more than just music. Toasts need to be announced, special guests honored, and your guests engaged. Your phone can’t read the room and go with the flow.

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